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Attendees must be College students over the age of 18.

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Create Track

If your project is in our Create track please select this prize as a tag for our judging process.

Contribute Track

If your project is in our Contribute track please select this prize as a tag for our judging process.

Don't Discard the Human

Tech that brings about efficiency and requires human participation to achieve more meaningful, authentic, otherwise harder to replicate solutions. 'Best Automation with a Human-Centric Component'.

Presented by Fulcrum-GT.

The Missing Piece (3)

This category is for open source projects that fill a gap in an existing technology or tool. An example of a project in this category is stdx, a library that provides the missing batteries of Rust. When life serves you puzzles, you'll create The Missing Piece. This prize celebrates open source projects that extend or are built with Microsoft technology. Some Microsoft technologies include, Azure, HoloLens, and Cognitive Services.

Presented by Microsoft.

Health and Wellness (3)

Open source projects in this category are focused on improving people's health and lifestyle.

Bring some love into the world.

Presented by IMO.

Take Care

This category is a prize for projects which help enable caregivers and improve the quality of life for seniors everywhere. An example could include developing an online caregiver marketplace. For more information visit:

Presented by AARP.

Everyday Usefulness

Open source projects in this category improve daily life and include projects in health and wellness, home automation, and more. In an era full of life hacks, this category rewards Everyday Usefulness.

Presented by Google.

Best Use of Firebase in an Open Source Project (2)

This category is for open source projects that facilitate the use of Firebase for other Open Source developers. Examples include Firepad, an open source collaborative code and text editor powered by Firebase.

Presented by Firebase.

Small World

This category is for open source projects that seek to shape the future of travel. By making it easier to explore, plan an adventure, or bring a community together, this project makes it a Small World.

Presented by Amadeus

Facebook's Favorite

Prize would be an expense-paid trip to Global Hackathon at FB HQ in Fall 2017.

Presented by Facebook.

Feed, Clothe, and Shelter (2)

Projects in this category are ready to rapidly deploy and help feed, clothe, and shelter the globe. Example projects include building an open source framework that accelerates the development of agricultural data applications, open source construction resource management systems, or open tools for sustainable forestry.

Presented by John Deere

Show me the Money

This category is for projects which make financial markets and information easier to access and understand for the average customer. An example could include a toolkit to visualize market data into easily readable information.

Presented by Capital One.

Civic Spirit

Open source projects in this category are focused on exploring Open Data and improving the community through assisting public technology initiatives. Prime candidates for projects can be found on and open data projects such as the Chicago city data ( Embody your Civic Spirit.

Presented by Twilio.

1517 Grant Prize (3)

1517, in wishing to support the open source industry, is providing a 1K grant and 5K in AWS credits as well as ongoing mentorship to three teams that create unique and creative products that they'd like to bring to market.

Presented by 1517.

Make School Scholarship

This prize will awarded to the team that works on Make School's favorite contribution.

Presented by Make School.

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HackIllinois Judges

HackIllinois Judges

Judging Criteria

  • Impact
    We want attendees to work on projects that contribute back to the open source projects they are working with. A highly beneficial submission fills a gap in their project or addresses relevant documented issues.
  • Sustainability
    We are looking for projects that are well-built and organized for future contributions in the open source community. This includes proper coding style and documentation that thoroughly outlines what the group worked on and how others can add more.
  • Wizard
    Participants must have a solid understanding of the open source project that they have been working on to indicate their ability to continue working on the project or to guide others in contributing to the project.
  • "It" Factor
    There are certain hacks that just cause you to say “WOW.” It is up to the discretion of the judges to identify this intangible quality of a hack that just amazes people.

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